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Kanmobile is one of the fastest growing web content creators owning a wide range of products & services available for the end user on both mobile and web environment.

Innovative technology, creative designs and a team that specializes in managing, updating and expanding our portfolio, we’ve vowed in bringing the best web content available directly into the entertainment ecosystem. Our mission is to create interesting web stories by sharing ideas, merging formats and striving for greatness through our products.

We provide

high quality graphics

engaging experiences

ad-free services

easy access

range of verticals

creative stories

kanmobile ads

monetize smarter

Our easy-to-integrate SDK supports all ad formats and offers both flexibility and control over your ad inventory.

the best demand

Connect to 100+ DSPs worldwide, and optimize your demand sources automatically on our mediation platform.

smart mediation

No need to manually track your inventory, analyze performance, or optimize activity – we do that for you!

display features

  • text

    Gain access to our premium partners and work with search, in-text and contextual ad networks.

  • interstitial

    Customizable, and appealing static or in app video ads at natural pauses in an app’s flow, ensuring minimum disruption to user experience.

  • video ads

    Give users a clear value exchange. They’re opt-in, boost in-app purchases, giving you happy returning users.

  • offerwall

    They’re entirely user-initiated, significantly extend session length, and deliver industry leading eCPMs.

  • native display

    Developers can easily implement multiple campaigns and serve customizable ads seamless to their app’s existing format.

  • playable ads

    Mini-games users can try them out before they decide to install. They’re always enjoyable, deliver the highest eCPMs in the industry.

more features

targeting options

Rich targeting for reduced ad spend wastage. Targeting based on - Geography, Carrier, Platform, Demographic, Time, etc.

quick & easy serving

Get started with ads in few minutes, with our self-serve platform. Create, upload and manage your campaign 24x7.

ad serving optimization

Auto adjusts burn rate for campaigns, and advanced ad optimization based on performance.

our advantages

Using our self-service ad platform, you can buy mobile advertising spaces on our network or sell them on your mobile website and app.

Through kanmobile, you will be able to select all your online traffic for carrier, advanced scheduling, geo targeting, and much more.

Textual and Image banners, Pop-under, Pop-up and Redirect are just few of the available advertising formats. Moreover, with our SDK you can monetize your app and dispose of lots of In-App banner formats.

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